The University of Exeter is a predominantly white, middle/upper-class institution. Our art societies are no exceptions to this rule. However, there are people outside of these spheres who are trying to push the boundaries and celebrate their diversity through art. 

To combat this, we set up the Creative Switch to offer a platform where BIPOC creatives can share their art, experiences, and stories in one place. The creative switch is also evolving into a professional and social network, where BIPOC creatives can come together to share, collaborate and learn from one another. 

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Co-Founder/Executive Director

Andrea is of Indonesian/Polynesian descent and a third culture kid from Singapore. She is in her final year at the University of Exeter, majoring in Politics and IR. She is also the president and open choreography coach at @legiondanceexeter this year.

"Dance is the way I express myself and although my favourite style is Hip Hop, I love choreographing and the creative process behind it. Movement makes me feel alive, and is the way I escape my mind."


Co-Founder/Creative Director

Hanife was born and raised in East London but originally is of Turkish Cypriot descent. She is in her final year at the University of Exeter, majoring in History. She also hosts a podcast that discusses the experiences of minority groups at UK institutions.

"I love to express myself creatively through music, specifically through my singing, and also through photography.

I'm the president of @exetersoulchoir and a freelance photographer."



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